Choose Happy

After 49 years I can honestly say that how you look directly effects how you feel, which inevitably effects what you do, how you do it and how you treat other people. It effects your mood, your personality and your overall vibe. So, why not make the effort? It seems pretty simple to me. With mental health month here, I want to remind you how powerful your words are…your thoughts are…your mind is. Remember you have the power to choose the friends, the marriage, the home, the career, the fucking life you want. You just have to commit to hard work, there are no secrets to success. You have to humble yourself, you have to dig deep, you have to want it! I truly believe the greatest form of success is looking in the mirror and actually liking the person you see. It’s appreciating the actual life you are living and striving to reach the goals you set for yourself. It’s about smiling, choosing happiness, and finding fulfillment in whatever lights your soul on fire.πŸ”₯ Your mind is your most powerful muscle. Fucking train it to think positively…work on that as hard as you do your actual workout. πŸ”₯ Wake up! No more wasting time…time is the one thing you cannot buy. So what are you waiting for?Strap on your big balls and let’s fucking goooo…Choose Happy. You Can. Get Up Get Dressed Let’s Do This πŸ’‹

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