Imagine if we chased our actual dreams as much as we did money, fame and power.

Imagine if we believed in ourselves as much as we do every single other person we love.

Imagine if we spoke to ourselves with kindness and positivity.

Imagine if we made taking care of ourselves a priority.

Imagine if we put our energy into accomplishing small goals instead of into wanting everything immediately.

Imagine if we appreciated everything we have as much as everything we crave.

Imagine if success was valued by how you treat people and not by how much money you make.

Imagine if true success was looking in the mirror and actually liking the person you see.

Imagine a life where happy is the normal, not stress and anxiety.

Imagine waking up everyday grateful for the life you actually have.

IMAGINE….Choose Happy…You Can…Get Up Get Dressed Let’s Do This 💋 

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