Kindness Looks Good on You.

Here are a few things I believe…

Positivity makes you feel good.
Motivation makes you feel good.
Affection makes you feel good.
Kindness makes you feel good.
Happiness feels good.
Looking good makes you feel good. 

Jealousy looks ugly on you. Hate looks ugly on you. Comparison looks ugly on you. Judgement looks ugly on you. Negativity looks ugly on you.  Dishonesty looks ugly on you. Insecurity looks ugly on you. Unhappiness looks ugly on you. 😎 You know what looks fucking amazing on you? Kindness, Positivity, Motivation, Intention, Courage, Purpose, Honesty, Resilience, Humility, Love, Smiling, Laughter, Security, Gratitude and Happiness! Seems pretty simple to me….Choose Happy. Choose You. You Can. Get Up Get Dressed Let’s Do This!

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